GA Personnel Policies Goals.pdf
GADA Employment References and Verification.pdf
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment.pdf
GBAB Compliance with the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 - REPEALED.pdf
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making .pdf
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal History Records Check.pdf
GBCE Training and Information Relative to Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.pdf
GBE Employee Rights and Responsibilities.pdf
GBEAA Staff Conflict of Interest.pdf
GBEBA Dress Code.pdf
GBEBB Staff Student Relations.pdf
GBEBC Staff Gifts and Solicitations.pdf
GBEBD Employee Use of Social Networking Websites.pdf
GBEC ADB Drug Free Workplace.pdf
GBED ADC JICG Prohibitions Regarding Use and Possession of Tobacco Products, E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids In and On School Facilities and Grounds.pdf
GBEF Internet Access for Staff.pdf
GBG Employee Protection.pdf
GBGA Physical Examination for Employees.pdf
GBGBA Use of Automated External Defibrillators.pdf
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities.pdf
GBJ Personnel Records.pdf
GBJA Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPPA).pdf
GBK Employee Complaints and Grievances.pdf
GBN Verification of Employment Eligibility - REPEALED.pdf
GCA Professional Staff Positions.pdf
GCB Professional Staff Contracts.pdf
GCCBA Professional Staff Leave of Absence.pdf
GCCBC Family and Medical Leave Act.pdf
GCEB Professional Staff Recruiting.pdf
GCF Professional Staff Hiring.pdf
GCG Parttime and Substitute Professional Staff Employment.pdf
GCGA Rate of Pay Substitutes.pdf
GCH Professional Staff Orientation.pdf
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities.pdf
GCIC Professional Staff Visitations and Conferences - REPEALED.pdf
GCID Professional Activities of Teachers and Administrators.pdf
GCK Staff Assignments and Transfers.pdf
GCNA Supervision of Professional Staff.pdf
GCO Teacher Performance and Evaluation System.pdf
GCP Professional Staff Promotion Demotion.pdf
GCQA Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force.pdf
GCQC Resignation of Professional Staff Member.pdf
GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff Member.pdf
GCR Non School Employment by Professional Staff.pdf
GCRC Professional Personnel Consulting.pdf
GCRD Tutoring for Pay.pdf
GD Support Staff.pdf
GDF Support Staff Hiring.pdf
GDG Support Staff Ethics-Letter of Agreement.pdf
GDM Support Staff Development Opportunities.pdf
GDO Support Staff Performance Evaluation.pdf
GEA Athletic Team Coaches.pdf